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Calling out all t-shirt lovers. We've just added our latest t-shirt design to our collection of goodies which fuzzy fibers hopes you will enjoy. If you are interested in other designs of ours or special orders, please give us a shout.

Design by: Line Thai

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t-shirt Description

We’ve just added thai numbers t-shirt to our collection of t-shirts here at Fuzzy Fibers. We thought it would get some attention from those who enjoy similar styles, so we hope you like this t-shirt as much as we do! We've added it to our artistic t-shirts category which was released by Line Thai and is now on sale for all to enjoy. Some of their clothing and accessories are now highly sought after and fuzzy fibers is happy to offer this as our latest t-shirt. If you are interested in anything else, please feel free to contact us and thank you for your support.

Being displayed is one to nine, with nine being displayed most prominently.  The number 9 is especially revered by Thais and people often comment that the shape of it looks like an elephant, another symbol of Thailand.  We are a big fan of of Thailand's culture and it's land of smiles, so we thought this was cool design and a perfect way to show that appreciation.  The script used to represent letters and numbers has always been fasinating to us and so this is why we are releasing various Thai T-Shirts that embrace the language, culture and art of Thailand.  These make great gift for anyone who has been to Thailand before or is interested in studying the language itself!